Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stella roughs it

Last weekend Stella and I went camping, this wasn't our first camping trip but it was our first trip in my new trailer, and my first time setting up my own camp by myself.

I managed to get my trailer backed in reasonably straight, eventually.

I tried out my 10 minute awning design I saw on another trailer online somewhere and was really pleased with the results.  With a silver tarp it didn't look that redneck at all!  I just used step in posts in this picture but raised it up when my boyfriend brought his car loaded with random PVC pipes.  I have a few other changes to make for next time but I was pleased as punch!

Here are my sleeping quarters, I have a foam wood puzzle floor in and one of those As Seen on TV screen doors up to keep bugs out.   I had one of the saddle racks sawed out and my cot fits perfectly in that spot, with my feet under the mangers.  I have still not decided if I should insulate the inside or just paint it up nice and fresh.

My Sterno stove did a great job cooking all my meals for one for the weekend!

Here's my little hand/dish washing station!  

Stella's electric corral went up pretty easy for the first time ever, especially considering I cobbled it together in order to save money.  She respected it, and the fence charger kept it nice and hot just in case

I had a really great view all weekend!

Saturday we did 10 - 12 miles at a pretty good clip.  Stella was a very good horse and enjoyed being in front and had to learn how to enjoy being in the middle and bringing up the rear.  On Sunday my boyfriend brought his GoPro up so I got to try it out on top of my helmet.  It took great video but we went quite a bit slower since he went with us and only did about 4 miles.  The only issue I have with the Gopro is that my computer can't handle the large files due to my older graphics card so I had to borrow a laptop to get this short video.

Hope everyone enjoys it!


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