Sunday, July 3, 2016


Stella turned up lame 24 hours before our jumping lesson last weekend so I was forced to cancel, she got progressively worse and then slightly better right before the farrier showed up so I suspected abscess, and was right.  

The farrier noted it had blown out the heel bulb but opened a small hole in her sole to let it drain down and out completely.  Then he wrapped her as only farriers can and she got stuck in a stall.  I've truthfully been considering having front shoes put on her as this is the second abscess she's had this season and I think it's due to the increased workload and trail riding.  I don't have an issue with boots, but if she's got an abscess I can't ride her at all, thus I think it's time for shoes.  I'm hoping to have him back out in a few days and slap a set on so we can continue on with our progress.

In the meantime, I decided to put a pair of hoofboots on to protect the wrap and turn her out on the grass every day while I cleaned stalls.  Stella had other plans and refused to be caught in a very dramatic fashion.  I noted that she appeared to be quite sound and was comfortable enough in the boots to be a total dumbass.

Yes, that is a perfectly hoof shaped wrap job.  Yes, it was just on her for less than 8 hours.  Yes, I did swear AN AWFUL LOT.

After that I decided that she could darn well stay in her stall until she was good enough to go out in the field.  


Moving forward.

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