Saturday, August 20, 2016

August horse show a success!

Last weekend we had a combined test/derby and it was a success!

I ended up putting front shoes on Stella and then went trail riding in some mud where she promptly ripped one off.  Shoe replaced, bell boots permanently attached and we were off!

It's been quite the struggle this year getting regular jumping lessons in, even with a trailer, and I feel like I've struggled building and maintaining momentum.  The initial plan was to come out strong and take biweekly lessons but I've had to settle for a couple a month if at that.   Quite the bummer.

I did have an awesome lesson the weekend before the show which left me with loads of confidence about our tiny course including jumping this panel like a couple of pros.  Notice tiny picture of horse in background and watchful (and sick, she never sits down!) trainer in foreground.

I felt like our dressage schooling the night before and morning of was pretty solid.  Stella has been more and more consistently on the bit in our flatwork despite our right lead taking a vacation.  Although it appears on its own when we are jumping, go figure.

What kills us right now are the transitions, keeping Stella engaged on the bit during the downward transitions, keeping her attention on the bit at the walk, and not going above the bit in the upward transition.  Right now we are scoring slightly below people who have less noticeable head changes in the transitions but who are also less consistently on the bit so it's frustrating.  I think once we get those transitions we will consistently be in the top of the pack though.

Jumping felt pretty solid and easy especially considering the size of the fences we jumped the week before.

We ended up our day with a 5th out of 12 which was largely based on our dressage score!!

Now to decide what's next on our agenda with another 3 week unavoidable gap in lessons starting.

I'm considering a local HT which typically has very friendly courses, and contemplating when we will move up.  I'm debating staying at crossrails until after the fall HT at CAF depending on how competent I feel navigating Stella around.


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