Thursday, September 15, 2016

A timeline of Stella part II

Although I've fallen behind in keeping up with conformation photos of Stella to denote her progress or lack thereof, I have compiled these photos.  Most of the of her tied to the trailer since I have some sort of thing about taking tied to the trailer pictures.  So, any progress?

January 2015, the day I bought her

May 2015 at her first show over fences
June 2015 at home

September 2015 at her first itty bitty horse trial

November 2015

April 2016

September 2016 at her most recent slightly less itty bitty horse trial


  1. The september photo shows how she's really growing into herself.

  2. Love that last pic. She's looking great! Did someone eat her tail or is that just the way she's holding it?

    1. I grew her tail out over the winter but then she started rubbing it in the spring and summer. I wormed her a couple extra times and started washing it several times a week with dandruff shampoo but it was too late. It is a pathetic tail right now.

  3. She is looking very grown up now! Cool to see the progression :)

    1. Thanks! She's starting to look more like an adult horse, despite the fact that she was 8 when I got her last winter!

  4. I love having progression shots of the horses


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