Friday, September 9, 2016

New Jumping saddle!

Well, not new.  Or nearly new.  But new to me!

I snapped this Stubben Artus up for a song with the idea that if it didn't fit I could easily resell it and if it did fit I could easily sell my Dover Circuit.  I like buying and reselling saddles and making a little bit of money, and I've been kicking around the idea that all my jumping problems will be solved if I bought a different saddle.

It's in pretty good condition and appears to be a 17 each seat.

It's got knee blocks on the sweat flap and is a medium wide tree.  The billet guard with the tree info and name was missing unfortunately.

Here it is sitting next to my Dover Circuit.  It makes the flaps on my Dover look almost all purpose!

Here's me in my current saddle

My naked horse 

And me in the Stubben

Thoughts on fit of me?  Seems to fit Stella pretty well, the tree is wider but not too wide so it gives her some room to muscle up more.


  1. I think the fit looks good on you both - how does it feel? I had a saddle that looked lovely but felt really small for some reason (and I've ridden in saddles that looked too big but felt really balanced too)

  2. I second the first comment. Looks like it fits your leg much better than your current and allows for a jumper seat


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