Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Xmas gifts for the trailer owner

Have a horse person in your life who loves practical presents?  Well here's a great guide for the practical gift giver!!  As I'm a cheapskate, I'd like to remind you to shop around for the best price from your favorite store and be sure to report back those prices!

Since I just bought a trailer, these all appear to be trailer themed.

Save room in your trailer by combining your grooming tote with your mounting block, available from most online tack retailers but also Walmart as a "tool box" for much less!

This Trailer Aid is a great tool for the emergency side of the road flat.  Drive your trailer up on this and easily (HAHA) change your flat.

If your loved one likes to keep things organized they even make a special holder to secure it against the wall.

I'm currently using a bucket, as are most of the other thrifty people I know, but if you have someone who likes to store their trailer in style this handy trailer hitch cover can be just the solution

How about this handy tire inflator?  There are several versions of this tool that run off your cigarette socket and let you air up that flat when you're in the middle of the wilderness.

Another emergency device is this battery charger, if you left your lights on and there isn't anyone to give you a jump this can save the day.

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