Saturday, December 3, 2016

Xmas list

A few days ago I made a Christmas list for the trailer owner, with some ideas of things I thought would be handy to own as a new trailer owner myself.  Today I'm making a list of gifts for gifters on a budget to people who are budget conscious.  In other words, things I'd buy for myself because I'm too cheap to buy the real deal.

These black and white breeches from this Ebay seller.  I've purchased things from them before, and they ship fast and as advertised.  I really like the look of white breeches with black seats, I hate plain white breeches and I think that these break up the vast marshmallow picture and look classy at the same time.

I've been drooling over patent leather dressage bridles for some time now, I think a shiny noseband would look really good on  a horse with a big plain face, I.E. Stella's solid black snozz.  I like this Patent bridle available at Jeffers because it's on sale and still looks quality!

Jeffers carries two other affordable patent bridles, this Uniquely English bridle, and the same bridle with white padding.  I think that the noseband would be overwhelming on Stella's face but it would be great for a bigger headed horse.

Another thing I think is classy but different are rolled nose halters.  A little bit of refined elegance and something a bit different, they look fantastic on small faced horses such as arabs but I've also saw one on a fjord that looked great.  They are available at several retailers, and made by Perris as well as Tory leather.

This one is available at Big D Web

This Ebay seller has a rolled nose option in both 3/4 inch and 1 inch width.  Lancaster Amish goods is an online outlet for Bartville tack, an Amish run tack store in Pennsylvania.  Bartville are the folks who make all the leather for Bit of Britain and is a must visit store but being Amish they can be difficult to get ahold of (service is outstanding).  This Ebay option is a great alternative.

I've talked about the great products and customer service from Higher Standards Leather Care before, they make great smelling soaps that make cleaning your tack less of a chore, and you can get this combo pack with both a soap in your favorite scent and a conditioner for just $31.00

My favorite store Riding Warehouse carries three of their soaps for just $14.95 each and I even have a %15 coupon code for my readers just in case you didn't order quite enough during their %25 sale.

These beta grip reins from Cornerstable Tack, I like rubber reins for their grip but I struggle with how thick the reins are.  These beta grip reins are similar to the Nunn Finer reins in a more affordable price range.

Semi custom half chaps from Millbrook Leather.  I like the look of these semi custom chaps and they look like great quality for the price.  I'm not big on a custom monogram but I like how you can pick your color pinstripe, my only regret being no purple.  Sad face.

In the optimistic view that the next saddle arriving on trial will be THE saddle, I have added a saddle cover to my list.  I've had THREE different cases and busted the zipper on all three, leading me to believe that I'm simply not meant to have a saddle in a case.  I've picked this cover for several reasons.  First, purple.  Duh.  Second, it's padded and waterproof to protect against trailer leaks (grrrr) and cat scratches.  Third, it comes from another tack store I like, Equus Now

That's it for today!  I'll add more gift ideas as I come across them.  


  1. I know right! Something to make conservative trainers roll their eyes!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! They look great and I really hope someone got them for me!


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