Monday, May 1, 2017

Rolex free samples

My favorite part of Rolex, I mean besides the shopping, and the horses, and the shopping, and the bourbon chicken, and the famous riders, are all the companies out promoting their products with free samples.  I like stopping by the booths, listening to them talk about how their product is the best, and taking home samples to try out.  It's usually enough of a product to make sure your horse is going to eat it, and to see if there is any sort of change.

Foxden Equine  sells this product called TractGard, it's billed as an equine GI track buffer, re-hydrator, digestaid, and electrolyte source.  It claims the ability to pull water into and lubricate the GI tract, buffer excess acids, and support digestion.  Available in Smartpaks, it averages out to about $0.61 a day which puts it even with U-gard and much cheaper than Succeed and U-7.

Finish Line sells Fluid Action HA powder.  It is advertised as joint support at an affordable price and contains HA, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Vitamin D.  It even contains Tumeric powder if you are familiar with the Golden Paste phenomenon.  Also available in Smartpaks, it averages out to about $1.36 a day.  It's also sold in a liquid form but I went with the powder to make my barn owner's life less difficult.

Platinum Performance had small samples of Platinum Performance CJ and the Platinum Bar for both equines and people (people version tastes like your standard power bar).  The CJ formula contains ASU for joint health and is said to support your horse on all levels.  Digestion, skin, coat, hooves, and joint support.  A 10 lb bucket will run you $147.00 from Platinum Performance for a 58 day supply which ends up being $2.53 a day.  Their equine power bar is similar, with the benefit of giving your horse his supplements disguised as treats.

I'm looking forward to trying out these samples, and will report back if Stella eats them or if miracles happen.  Has anyone had experience with these products?  Did they work as advertised?


  1. Love free stuff. I've gotten lots of Platinum samples, but never bought it. It's just so expensive.

    1. It is. I'm going to see if she will eat it, if it's more cost effective than feeding multiple other supplements, and if I need what is in it.



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